Average: 5.03 Controversy: 2.71
PL: Ballsy Beatley pop for the 4/4 kids. 9
MD: As anti-climaxes go, it’s still pretty great. 7.6
AE: Fun. Lyrics are meaningless compared to excellent ‘Brothers Gonna Work It Out’ (i.e. “Leave Home” – Ed.), which were about some brothers, who would work it out at some stage in the future. Nice guitar howls. 7
IS: They can be great, but this has an annoying James-like air. 5
NR: Noel is Jesus Jones, coming to a theater near you…5
TE: “How does it feel like, to be a crystalline?” I rest my case, your honour. 4
PB: Sometimes tomorrow always knows. 1
KG: “Let Forever Be”? – fucking hippies! Noel’s ‘taking a shit’ voice strains its way over fairground music to migraine-inducing ends. 0
AT: Possibly the least sexy record of the year. 0