Average: 5.22 Controversy: 3.29
TE: Look, if the fantastic fist-pumping bogosity of the Rads’ white soul doesn’t get you, just consider that he publically disses Beck, and rejoice. Amazing pop, no question. 10
NW: The kind of wonderful MOR pop that Billy Joel used to crank out with regularity, plus the baldfaced audacity to call out rawk’s sacred cows for a good old ass kickin’. 9
PB: This is a terrible record. Awful white-boy rappage, almost as bad as “I write the songs the whole world sings”. That said, 8
GF: As much as it galls me to admit it, it deserved its success. 7
DS: Perfect pop, yet not a great song. Go figure. 7
AE: It’s a man in a golf hat. He will kick your ass in. 5
IS: It tries to make you feel happy, in fact it makes you feel ill. 3
MA: You can be sure this tepid ballad will resurface on soundtrack albums for generations to come. 3
KG: Australian driving music in a beanie hat. If you like this record, your life could be better. 1
AT: They obviously gave fuck all, then. 1