Average: 6.09 Controversy: 2.74
KA: Brilliantly infectious and utterly uplifting. I still think having a band member sharing his name with a hard drug is asking for trouble. 9
KG: It’s steptacular! I’m looking forward to pantomimes when their star finally falls, but meanwhile let the pop continue. 8
JM: The most important band of 1999. 6
MA: It’s easier to mark this up given that I don’t have to live here. 6
DS: There’s a gay bar in Soho where all the bar staff (male) jump up on the bar counter and perform the routine to this whenever it comes on. Makes getting a drink impossible, so 5
PB: Even without seeing it I know the dance routine. 4
IOD: If it’s a Steps song, it gets zero. That’s the rule. 0