Average: 5.93 Controversy: 3.02
AE: A bitter, menacing slice of raw groove that deserves to go down in history. Try if you can to walk like a man. But YOU DON’T FOOL MEEEEE… sings the cuckolded nightclub singer. Take it any way you wish. 10
DS:Terrific song. Three brilliant singles, one disppointing album. Why Tony Christie? Could have been the one to revive Marc Almond’s career! 8
KG: A welcome intrusion of repackaged kitsch, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Tony Christie did, however, look like a sad tosser on TOTP, and for that I must penalise him. 7
FS: Unctious and repellent to the max. 3
MA: What the —? No. 2
AT: Not as clever as they think they’re being. 2