Average: 6.6 Controversy: 2.56
NW: A summer song that slowly insinuates itself into your head, this is the sound of Madonna not trying too hard. The neo-sixties vibe to the song feels fresh rather than deliberately kitsch or retro: do call it a comeback. 9
AE: Groovy yeah etc. Combines groovy psychedelic-type riff with lyrics about a stranger. Not an ugly stranger. No. A beautiful one, and not in a girly way either. A return to form for Madonna, but I’m afraid just a blip in an otherwise downward trajectory. 8
MA: Strikes me as rather derivative, in fact almost note-for-note like “The Party” by Marillion. Is it worse that she ripped it off or that I noticed? 7
FS: One of the best things she’s done lately, not that that’s saying much. Only a hook away from an 8. 6
AT: Repetition has killed it. Sorry Maddy. 5