BRITNEY SPEARS – Baby One More Time
Average: 7.59 Controversy: 2.57
NW: Single of the year. No, stop laughing. Of all the pop acts to come out this year, it’s Britney that manages to get under the skin the most. There’s something dirty, something not quite right about this song that makes it a little more memorable than some of the blander pop singles out this year — and that’s down to lyrics alone, not even mentioning Britney’s image (that’s a whole ‘nother article). “When I’m not with you I lose my mind?” — the most twisted case of obsession to hit the charts since “Every Breath You Take”. And much more fun as well. 10
AE: Raw, thumping, hardcore excitement as the teenage queen growls her song of LUST. Gets the party started, and how. I cannot praise this record enough and I only wish I had a copy. Hearing this song is better than a sustained belief in God. 10
KG: Single of the year – she’s so dirty. 9
GE: As teen pop goes my fave of the year, especially the bits where she gets kind of sultry. Whether dressing up like a schoolgirl affected my decision i’d rather not say. 8
AT: Top masochistic pop, though not as affecting as Billie dressed in rubber for London Pride.8
DS: Great song, despite the dodgy sentiments and video. 7