• Aard Labour 4: Church And State II
    This is the fourth in a series of posts on Cerebus The Aardvark, a comic I suggest you approach with caution if at all. As usual I’m including spoilers for the whole series, and not including much if any art. Church And State is one story publi[…]
  • Aard Labour 3: Church And State I
    (This is the third part of a series about Dave Sim’s Cerebus The Aardvark. As before, I’m not trying to get you to read this comic, just scratching a discursive itch, so it’s spoiler-heavy and artwork-light. Church And State, the th[…]
  • Aard Labour 2: High Society
    (The second part of a series reconsidering Dave Sim’s Cerebus The Aardvark on the occasion of me actually finishing it. As before, I’m not worrying too much about spoilers or trying to draw attention to particular moments or bits of art: […]
  • Omargeddon #41: Omar Rodríguez-López & John Frusciante
    I bought the Omar Rodríguez-López & John Frusciante CD upon its re-release in 2012 through his partnership with the Sargent House label, eagerly anticipating a thick-cut shredfest capable of clearing the earwax of everyone within a 2-kilometre […]
  • Aard Labour 1: Cerebus
    As I said in the intro post, I’ll be posting expanded – in this case vastly expanded – versions of my Cerebus reviews on here. These aren’t really meant to advertise the comic, so I’m keeping actual images to a minimum, […]
  • Aard Labour 0: There Are Three Aardvarks
    So. I’ve finished Cerebus The Aardvark. Twenty years after it ended, as promised, with its 300th issue, thirty years (roughly) after I gave up reading it, thirty-seven years (I think) since I saw my first issue of it. At the time I stopped r[…]
  1. Thanks for writing this series. I read all of Cerebus in College via a very generous school library. I always…

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  • U2 – “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”
    While I’ve been writing about 2004 and 2005’s pop music I’ve also been helping my wife sort out her mother’s memorial service, so a song about a parent dying is – unfortunately – Relevant To My Interests right now. Not that I real[…]
  • EMINEM – “Like Toy Soldiers”
    I’m not sure how rap grudges and running battles came to be called beef but I love it as a word for them – juicy, red meat with inescapable macho connotations. The actual minutiae of rap beefs are strictly fans-only in most cases, playing out[…]
  • ELVIS PRESLEY – “It’s Now Or Never”
    It’s an American trilogy! My original plan for the Elvis entries was to do them as a high concept piece inspired by (ripping off) Borges’ “Pierre Menard, Author Of The Quixote”. Since, in their wisdom, the Official Charts Company decided thes[…]
  • CIARA ft PETEY PABLO – “Goodies”
    The singles market was weakest in January even in those happy times when Number 1 hits outsold model railway magazines – it’s one reason the Presley scam was successful, letting a fanbase of a little over 20,000 push their boy to the top when[…]
  • ELVIS PRESLEY – “One Night” / “I Got Stung”
    “The things I did and I saw / Would make the earth stand still” – Smiley Lewis In the early days of Popular lack of research was part of the Method. Context was the enemy: the text was the text. My job was to see what, 50 or so years lat[…]
  • ELVIS PRESLEY – “Jailhouse Rock”
    (You might also like to read Part 1 of a 3-part piece loosely about the 1000th No.1. I should probably say that piece contains SPOILERS as to the identity of the 1000th No.1, my apologies if that had been a source of pleasurable suspense for you.) […]
  1. Latest from Robin Beck ALWAYS SAY WHAT'S IN YOUR HEART Written by Johnny Gray File Link - Video!AmIAH_Wl8TSymNER70UKwKLgqbcTOQ?e=k4NI4c YouTube…

  2. Of course, some of the comments here give it away. Yoko was the mastermind behind John's killing. She set Chapman…

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