Average: 5.18 Controversy: 3.24
AT: Nearly takes the mantle from Sheryl in the drunk-woman-in-bar stakes. I want to see her duet with Bryan Ferry. 10
TE: Variety-show country: great material, good patter, sass, sawdust and showbiz. As instantly, professionally classy as pop gets. 9
MA: How deflating to be at the end of a cultural power imbalance. I’m clearly not up to scratch here, but Shania, you impress me very much indeed. 8
AE: Nothing does impress her much, except for a man who has ‘the touch’. Strangely, although she turns down Elvis, Brad Pitt and a man who owns a car, possession of one of the five senses is all it takes to win her love. 7
NW: After “No Scrubs” and “Bills Bills Bills”, it’s refreshing to hear a chica bash the men because of their insufferable attitude instead of their lack of money. 7
KG: Brad Pitt is a git, Richard Gere is a…..dear, what does this woman want? Tasty slice of chart longevity. 6
PB: Donald Sinden and Windsor Davies. 1