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Aard Labour Epilogue: Dance Of The Aardvark Catchers
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I did not intend to spend a couple of months writing almost 60,000 words about Cerebus. Honestly.

What happened was this. A reader briefly in the early 90s, I always had a vague plan that I’d finish the comic. I did, adding reviews to Goodreads […]


Aard Labour Conclusion: Unmourned And Unloved
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This is the last of my posts about Cerebus The Aardvark, the 300-issue comic by Canadian writer/artist Dave Sim and environmental and background artist Gerhard.


Cerebus is a barbarian aardvark. (1) […]


Aard Labour 16: The Last Day
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This is the 16th of my posts about Cerebus, a 6000-page comic about the life of a barbarian aardvark. It contains spoilers for the final book of the series, and the series as a whole. A 17th, concluding, post is planned.

Previously: The ageing Cer[…]


Messing About On The River
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Boat Life, Tsuge Tadao (tr. Ryan Holmberg), Floating World Press

Tsuda Kenta is a fiftysomething novelist who splits his time between thwarted attempts to write and equally ineffectual assistance with his family’s clothes shop. One day, […]


Guten Tag, Herr Frosch!
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Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol 1

When I clicked on Giant Size X-Men 1 in Marvel Unlimited it definitely wasn’t with the intention of starting a large-scale re-read of the 70s and 80s X-Men. I had a vague urge to find out exactly how different and[…]

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