Thanks to all the people who replied to the ‘stats help wanted’ post – I have enough data to work with now, and can get to work on the exciting graphs and charts. Though first indications are that they won’t be all THAT exciting.

Anyway if you’re interested here are the raw scores out of 10, a snapshot in a limited sense of the NYLPM readership’s preferences, though I doubt whether there are any conclusions to be drawn from this.

Blue Monday – 8.33
Good Vibrations – 8.20
Strange Fruit – 7.97
Autobahn – 7.95

The Message – 7.49
Respect – 7.44
You Really Got Me – 7.41

God Save The Queen – 7.16
Starman – 7.08
Stayin Alive – 7.02
Rappers Delight – 7.00
Hey Ya! – 6.86
Smells Like Teen Spirit – 6.84
Like A Rolling Stone – 6.69
Jailhouse Rock – 6.52

I Wanna Hold Your Hand – 6.11
Walk This Way – 6.07
Rock Around The Clock – 6.02

Stairway To Heaven – 4.79
Do They Know Its Christmas – 2.98

Meanwhile, I’ll be cutting back on my NYLPM posts for a little while to concentrate on Popular, which I love doing but which has fallen behind a little lately. Hopefully other people will take up some of the slack.