Average: 8.02 Controversy: 1.51
JM: Shouting and swearing – excellent (though not as good as “Guilty Conscience”) 10
TE: If Tex Avery made a hip-hop record it wouldn’t sound too far off this. “Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did?” asks Eminem and you can hear the consciences of the nation spitting as he sing-song raps their arguments right back at them. As funny as Licensed To Ill, and as clever too. A deserving victor. 9
PL: Brilliant novelty track. Eminem may not last too long, but he won’t be forgotten. 9
MA: Lyrics don’t get worse than this. But just imagine it in French and it can’t help but get a 9
FS: Nice Dre production, one of Eminem’s poorer performances. 5