Average: 6.7 Controversy: 2.47
JM: Record of the year, or at least record of the list. Morse code dance tune. 10
GE: Loved the record and the idea that a piece of minimal techno could get played and bought purely on the strength of an advert. There were probably hundreds of better techno records made but i’ve only got this one. Liked Flat Eric too. 9
KG: Not as good without the iconography, but nonetheless a pretty classy record. 8
TE: An Orville for the 90s, Flat Eric is great because he looks like the kind of toy you find at jumble sales, knitted one Christmas by a forgotten aunt. Ace gurgly techno noises to boot. 7
AE: I don’t see it. 5
PB: The best titled song of the year. 4