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40. SHERYL CROW – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
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Average: 1.95 Controversy: 1.31
AT: A misguided cover, but not without a certain logic to it along the drunk lady does karaoke lines. 3
KG: Back to film soundtracks with you Madam. 3
GE: Better versions probably performed in pubs every day of the yea[…]

39. STEREOPHONICS – “The Bartender And The Thief”
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Average: 2.33 Controversy: 2.71
KA: They were doing so well until stooping to suckle from the teat of MOR AOR rubbish. 8
GE: A band like this in every town – why them?? 4
NW: And people thought the Manics sounded hamfisted. 2
TE: The Stereophon[…]

38. THE VENGABOYS – “We’re Going To Ibiza”
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Average: 2.36 Controversy: 2.22
NW: The kind of cheesy dance pop I’d imagined died in the early 90s. 7
KG: As nothing to the majesty of previous offerings. Quite annoying they’ve taken this route. 3
PB: If I was five this would be great. […]

37. MACY GRAY – “Do Something”
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Average: 2.38 Controversy: 0.74
FS: After all I heard about her, this was massively underwhelming. 3
JM: Acid jazz is soooooo 1994. 3
KG: Has a lovely voice, sadly the song is bollocks. 3
AT: Jools Holland’s wet dream. 1[…]

36. WHITNEY HOUSTON – “My Love Is Your Love”
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Average: 2.58 Controversy: 2.81
NW: Whitney Houston in single that doesn’t completely suck shocker! It’s probably due to her choice of collaborators this time round, but Whitney manages to reign in the melodramatics. The dying Yeti vocal […]

35. THE LANTERNS – “High Rise Town”
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Average: 2.75 Controversy: 3.37
KG: Sounds really old-fashioned – poor Channel 4 documentary lyrics. 2
PB: The social commentary is ten years out of date. Literally in-credible. 0
TE: What if the Stereophonics discovered synthpop? Mercy! 0
JM: […]

34. EIFFEL 65 – “Blue”
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Average: 2.91 Controversy: 2.63
AE: Also extremely good fun. Could have done with more BEAT. BASS FOR YOUR FACE. Starts off with excellent rant by obvious mental case about ‘blue world’. THERE IS NOBODY TO LISTEN screams insane man as he […]

33. ATARI TEENAGE RIOT – “Revolution Action!”
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Average: 3 Controversy: 2.39
IOD: This is more like it. That’s the sweat of the teenage riot! 6
TE: There’s a good bit in the middle where all their machines break down and they just keep shouting feebly over the top. Otherwise business a[…]

32. GAY DAD – “To Earth With Love”
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Average: 3.33 Controversy: 3.11
GF: Excellent, informed retro pop. 9
KA: All surface no feeling. 6
NW: But Earth doesn’t love you, Cliff! Even Menswear have done it better. 4
TE: I’d be surprised if anyone who bought this has the gall to […]

31. PUFF DADDY – “PE 2000”
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Average: 3.53 Controversy: 2.28
NW:You could slag Puffy for having the nerve to sample PE, but that’s a bit like getting on Mel C’s case for covering the Sex Pistols. Nothing should really be sacred, and I’d much rather hear a PE sa[…]


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