Average: 2.36 Controversy: 2.22
NW: The kind of cheesy dance pop I’d imagined died in the early 90s. 7
KG: As nothing to the majesty of previous offerings. Quite annoying they’ve taken this route. 3
PB: If I was five this would be great. I am not. 3
MD: Like they say, WHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!!! This wasn’t a hit in America, thank goodness. You see, we didn’t invent acid house, so NOBODY HERE WOULD KNOW WHAT THE HELL THIS “IBIZA” IS! 2.4
IS: They don’t sound very excited – might as well be going to Clacton. 2
MA: You could argue that genuine music lovers had been given ample warning by the title. 1
AE: If I had the power, I’d drive them and their Vengabus off a Vengacliff, causing a huge Vengaexplosion in which their Vengacorpses would be flung to Ibiza, where they would rot as an example to the rest. 0