Who doesn’t like games about elephants? Today’s game takes is similar to yesterdays in as much as it takes a very simple idea to almost breaking point. But if you are someone who likes completing a game, then this one you will like. A simple flash platformer starring this little elephant:

He is very little.


A tiny little sprite on a very rudimentary platform gam called This Is The Only Level. And it is a very simple level which has a puzzle which will fool no-one who has ever played a platform game. And then This Is The Only Level reboots to the same level. But slightly different. It took me about sixteen goes and two hundred lives to work every trick out in this fiddly little game, but every time its perversity annoys, the cute elephant, the oompah band music and the, well, general simplicity of the whole thing makes you carry on. This Is The Only Level is a classic of its type. Its type is annoying mini game, but that doens’t stop it being entertaining.


thisisonly level