What was the first flash game you ever played? What was the first one that someone excitedly sent you a link to? It could have been anything, but I bet for at least forty percent of you out there it may have involved a lot of green. And been more or less sophisticated than this:


There are loads of mini-golf games out there. Or crazy golf if you want to be accurate. Wonderful things, pure physics in motion. I remember wasting a lot of time on a cute 3D type crazy golf game, but in the end, these rudimentary top down fellas are exactly what it is all about. Stripped to its mere physics with (in at least some cases) next to no bells and whistles. Just aim, and play. This cheap auto-bot ugly site has the purest of loads of these really basic golf games, mini-putt as it calls them. The internet can provide you with hundred more. Feel free to post links to you favourites below.