You can do pretty much anything with a flash game these days (except right click – grrrr.) But while there are no end of action games which work, I always seem to be drawn back to educational puzzle games. There are no end of build’em ups and engineering sims out there. So for today, I be looking for as much authority from my online games as possible. And this kind of set-up doesn’t get more authoritarian. Look at this furniture:

This is the Science Museum’s oh-so educational, stuffy and hopelessly addictive launchball: part of their launchpad “kids DO SCIENCE” brand. You have to propel a ball from the start to the goal via various magnets, fans, generators and Newtonian physics. It ought to be deathly dull but actually a lot of the solutions are brute force, bouncing off of rubber when the elegant solution is too tough. It throws hints at you cos it thinks you are seven. Maybe you are. Kat flung this game at me and it has kind of stuck.