You are probably still playing Desktop Tower Defence so lets go for something quick. Very very quick. Indeed speed is the essence in today’s in no way Christmas themed game. Speed and using just one finger. But firstly what is going on in the background here?

This is the dystopian greyscale background of CANABALT, a jumping game where you run increasingly quickly and jump over stuff. And between buildings to get away. And occasionally dodge cranes dropping on you. And get faster, and faster, and jump more and more until – well you fall or die or get to the end*. From a game design point of view it is very 8 bit, BUT has wonderfully menacing music and a real sense of design. Watch the background as you are jumping, some sort of giant alien is slowly destroying the city. You won’t play it for more than a couple of minutes, but this one does run and run (pun intended).


*This is one of those games where I am certain there is no end.