I have never been all that enamoured of sports games. Maybe because I was never any good at sport at school. Of course the sports game offers me the vicarious thrill of being good at a game. However in reality it adds an extra link in the hand-to-eye lack of co-ordination I always suffered from. It needs to go from hand to eye to fingers. Even worse.

Nevertheless I found today’s game (sent in by lonepilgrim of comments box fame) briefly diverting because it levels the playing field on my physical disability into a quickly flash game. So what on earth are these?

orange butterfly
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They are garish Wicket Keeping gloves from the odd cricket game, Test Catch Cricket. As a game it bares almost no relationship to actual cricket, as the wicket keeper appears to be infront of the batsman who is being tossed a fail few sitters from the site. What is more, when you fail to catch the ball, it smashes the screen which apparently is a wicket in this strange world. Possibly a ported baseball game or something else (even the losing sound seems a bit off) the game makes up for it by having lovingly detailed gloves. And of course the whole thing is gloriously 2D – finally making catching something easier for 2D me, than you natural 3D-ers. I can judge the well modelled perspective and waltz through the first five rounds before is starts getting really quick.

test catch cricket