Its a Friday. So let’s try something
a) A bit more involving
b) doesn’t have a cat in it.

So who is this fella?


It’s a platformer, sketchily drawn. You play as a little dude with spiky hair and some bright baggy pants, who runs around knocking off spiders and collecting squiggles, sometimes going through doors into new zones where there are other squiggles to collect. Pretty much standard. And it’s very very quick to play through even if you’re lame at platform games like I am. What stands out – what makes this worth playing, among the hundreds of free indie platformers you can find on newgrounds and kongregate and wherever else – is the sheer joy in motion. For some reason the keyboard commands feel super forgiving: your little fancy pants man seems to scrape onto platforms on the frayed ends of his baggies, teeters on edges indefinitely so you can sort out where you’re going. He slips and slides along shiny surfaces, sails through the air, and if you mash the keys on a jump he converts it, smoothly, into a backflip. He is having so much fun!

So perhaps, my friends, if you’re stuck on some compulsive puzzler that takes up your spare work hours, keeps you out of bed on tired evenings, and insinuates itself into your dreams at night– perhaps you need this, a palate-cleanser, a few minutes of cheery, swooping, soaring, sliding glee.