From Kat, Queen of game playing procrastinating (perhaps abdicated):

“Before we had Nintendo brain training, the country’s academic elite were forced to sharpen their faculties in other ways – the Post-It Note Forehead game, shotglass chess, 14-hour Civ III marathons, late night Texas Hold ‘Em. Anything to keep our brains from rotting away under the lobotomising influx of essays, lectures, reading lists, practical write-ups and tutorials – though appearing on dreadful Channel 5 gameshow Brainteaser (filmed nearby) was probably a step too far as one of our chums discovered to his cost.

My intellectual poison of choice was a slow-paced strategy puzzle with a theme familiar i) Isaac Newton ii) to anyone who has ever played Uno.

The long hours I put into this game cost me a 2:1 ensured I got a solid gold 2:2 – and the title of Master Prestidigitator.”

Alchemy, its not a pretty game, but it is quite addictive as boardgame puzzlers go.