The point and click puzzle game these days seems almost as dead as the text adventure. And in the case of the text adventure (interactive fiction darhling) perhaps they have just reverted to their core audiences oblivious of the technological progress that seemingly made them obsolete. Well today’s is a beautiful thing to look at, and to play. Short, sweet and very very pretty. Starring this geezer – but what is he looking at?
telescope man

He is the star of Samarost, a wonderfully atmospheric point and click adventure, in which our wee willie winkiesque hero has to save his meteorite from an encrouching organic spaceship. He does this in a really attractive set of environments, embedded with humour and a sly twisted logic (as all point and clickers should have). When you finish it (there are about six puzzles to get through) you can move on to Samarost 2 which is much larger, and you may want to buy the second half of (about £3). But just enjoy Samarost first.