Take That – “Shine” – Score: 5.26 (7th) – Controversy: 3.08 (4th)

(Females: 4th. Males: 9th. Under 30s: 12th. Over 30s: 5th.)

Most like: Kaiser Chiefs. Most unlike: MIA.

  • “Smug backwards boomer bollocks” (1) 
  • “Not as good as Clementine or ELO” (2)
  • “What is this Wings shit? :(” (3)
  • “Uplifting and well structured.” (7) 
  • “They were indie all along!” (8) 
  • “Awesome! Lovely Mark! Aww.” (10)

If you dislike Take That…

  • …you are much more likely to pay attention to lyrics.
  • …you are much less likely to care who wins the next X-Factor.

If you like Take That…

  • …you are less likely to listen to complete albums.
  • …you are less likely to listen to music in a foreign language.