THE VIEW – “Same Jeans” – Score: 2.97 (20th). Controversy: 2.83 (7th)
(Females: 19th. Males: 20th. Under 30: 20th. Over 30: 20th.)

Most like: Just Jack. Most unlike: MIA.

  • “Local man flummoxed by button-fly” (0) 
  • “Get new ideas” (1)
  • “Have lost ability to care” (3)
  • “The Asha is empty” (4)
  • “Bit embarassing but potential” (5) 
  • “Jolly well done happy men” (7)

If you dislike The View…

  • …you’re more likely to be able to define emo to an elderly relative.
  • …you’re more likely to prefer club nights to gigs.
  • …you’re less likely to think music means less than when you were 16.

If you like The View…

  • …you’re more likely to think Britney’s hair is more interesting than her next record.
  • …you’re less likely to think the 00s have been fantastic for pop.