MIKA – “Grace Kelly” – Score: 3.68 (17th) – Controversy: 2.59 (14th)

(Females: 10th. Males: 19th. Under 30s: 18th. Over 30s: 15th)

Most like: Take That. Most unlike: FHM High Street Honeyz.

  • “How did they let this happen?” (0) 
  • “Argh! Stage school!” (2) 
  • “Slinky, indie, British, girly” (4) 
  • “Going nowhere but good feel” (5)
  • “George Michael pre-cynicism?” (6) 
  • “Idiocy has never sounded better” (10)

If you dislike Mika…

  • …you are very unlikely to think that music meant more when you were 16.
  • …you are more likely to listen to music in foreign languages.

If you like Mika…

  • …you are much less likely to think of yourself as indie.
  • …you are more likely to think the 00s have been fantastic for pop.