JOJO – “Too Little Too Late” – Score: 4.56 (10th) – Controversy: 2.40 (18th)

(Females: 12th. Males: 8th. Under 30s: 7th. Over 30s: 11th.)

Most like: Avril Lavigne. Most unlike: Maximo Park

  • “Incomprehensible drama” (0)
  • “Advert for chewing gum/tampons” (2)
  • “Not atrocious but very generic” (5) 
  • “Cafe, ballad, melodic, pop, Kogan” (5)
  • “Little too long (DYS)” (7)
  • “Beautiful, emotionally resonant, and strong” (9)

If you dislike JoJo…

  • you are much more likely to think the Beatles are one of the greatest bands ever.
  • …you are much less likely to know what the current #1 single is.

If you like JoJo…

  • …you are much less likely to pay attention to lyrics.
  • …you are much less likely to dislike ballads.