Well, I don’t mean me sauce of course, that would be disgusting… anyway!

Tonight I’m going to be carrying out a little experiment. I found some char sui sauce in the local shop (good old shop, it is the nicest thing about New Cross by a country mile), so I’m going to go to Waitrose, buy some pork and have a MARINADE TEST, ie shop char sui vs my own marinade! I’m going to whizz together some soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, ginger, brown sugar, honey and five spice – argh! do I have five spice?? – and see who is the WINNAR. Might also add some food colouring. If I don’t have any red food colouring at home, perhaps it is time to experiment with BLUE char sui HURRAH!

The pork is going to marinade overnight and during the day, I’m not sure whether I should cut it up into thin slices before it marinades or not though… the internet says I should use PORK NECK (nom nom pork neck) but I bet Waitrose has none of this. No doubt the meat markets in Peckham do, but mamma, I’m scared… all the miserable chickens hanging in a row get a bit overwhelming. Reader, I nearly turned vegetarian at one point. I think I will cook it by sticking the oven at the hottest it will go (chiz I bet this is BUG ALL, my oven sux) wrapped up in a load of foil – maybe some extra water for moisture? And then if it is not a disaster, I will eat some with greens, freeze some, stick some in RICE BALLS – it will be marvellous. It will NOT be a disaster.  I will of course, report back.