GIRLS ALOUD VS SUGABABES – “Walk This Way” – Score: 3.18 (19th). Controversy: 2.52 (16th)

(Females: 20th. Males: 17th. Under 30s: 19th. Over 30s: 18th)

Most like: Just Jack. Most unlike: MIA.

  • “Good idea poor execution” (1)
  • “Faux, unfortunate, why why” (1)
  • “Shamefully ill-conceived tosh” (1) 
  • “Worst thing either have done.” (2) 
  • “Not enough attitude” (6)
  • “None should work – all does!” (10)

If you dislike GA/Sugababes…

  • …you’re more likely to mostly listen to complete albums.

If you like GA/Sugababes…

  • …you’re less likely to listen to music in foreign languages.
  • …you’re more likely to be put off dancehall by homophobic lyrics.