ALEX GAUDINO ft CRYSTAL WATERS – “Destination Calabria” – Score: 3.90 (15th) – Controversy: 2.46 (16th)

(Females: 18th. Males: 11th. Under 30s: 13th. Over 30s: 16th)

Most like: Avril Lavigne. Most unlike: Mika.

  • “Anonymous: good for spies, not pop” (0)
  • “Early 90s nausea” (0)
  • “Mediocre in every way” (2) 
  • “It’s like so whatever” (5)
  • “Bassline grebt, vocals boring” (6)
  • “Never heard before but grebt” (8)

If you dislike Alex Gaudino…

  • …you’re much more likely to pay attention to lyrics.
  • …you’re less likely to want to hear remixes of songs you like.

If you like Alex Gaudino…

  • you’re more likely to prefer club nights to gigs.
  • …you’re a lot less likely to think the Beatles were one of the greatest bands ever.