FALL OUT BOY – “This ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race” – Score: 3.48 (18th) – Controversy: 3.23 (2nd)

(Females: 17th. Males: 16th. Under 30s: 17th. Over 30s: 19th.)

Most like: Just Jack. Most unlike: Kaiser Chiefs.

  • “This is appalling.” (0) 
  • “Doesn’t know what it is” (0) 
  • “Great title, shame about song.” (2)
  • “Important for young people” (5)
  • “Offspring + ELO” (5)
  • “Love when it kicks in” (8)

If you dislike Fall Out Boy…

  • …you are much more likely to mostly listen to complete albums
  • …you are less likely to describe yourself as indie.

If you like Fall Out Boy…

  • …you are a bit more likely to pay attention to lyrics.
  • …you are less likely to hate ballads
  • …you are less likely to think dance music sounds better on drugs.