KAISER CHIEFS – “Ruby” – Score: 4.10 (13th) – Controversy: 2.56 (15th)

(Females: 6th. Males: 18th. Under 30s: 15th. Over 30s: 9th)

Most like: Take That. Most unlike: MIA.

  • “The very definition of hateful” (0) 
  • “Fuzzy, ‘British’, vacant, ugh” (1) 
  • “Chancers losing their scant charm” (3)
  • “Nothing special as usual” (4)
  • “Get 1xverse” (6)
  • “Makes me want a curry” (7)

If you dislike the Kaiser Chiefs…

  • …you are more likely to pay attention to lyrics.
  • …you are less likely to think hip-hop is in a creative rut.

If you like the Kaiser Chiefs…

  • …you are much more likely to care who wins the next X-Factor.
  • …you are less likely to define yourself as indie.