Cheese stats: A raw washed rind sheep’s cheese from Corsica.
Bought from: Une Normande à Londres
Tasting conditions: We had a little picnic lunch with this and some fresh baguette.

Our cheese is crumbly on the outside, and very pungent. There’s definitely a boozy, brandy-ish smell with maybe just a hint of ammonia.

Inside it’s incredibly creamy and gooey, and really very flavourful; the dominant flavours include a sharp yoghurty tang, sweet caramel fudge, and a fruity flavour that reminds me mostly of pear. The rind tastes a little of smokey bacon. My partner-in-cheese-scoffing detects a tang of farmyard – or POO, as he so delicately puts it.

On the scale of 0 to STENCH, I’ll give it a seven. It’s not entirely suitable for consumption in enclosed public spaces, but it shouldn’t stink the place out for days.

Cheesy Conclusion: OM NOM NOM! I’m very much a fan of the stinky washed rind cheese, and this is  a really good version of that; a lovely balance of stench and sweetness, tanginess and creaminess, and with loads of interesting flavours vying for attention.