Has there ever been a person where the proportion between hagiography and actual talent been so disparate as there is with Sid Vicious? Attitude of punk perhaps but cack-handed bassing aside, he is known for spitting, swearing, drugging, dying and making John Lydon look like the reasonable man (we all knew he was deep down). Which is why post Sid And Nancy, the world is not clamouring for more Sid Vicious material. Especially not one where Sid (dead for fifteen years at the time) has a cosy fireside chat with Kurt Cobain before he kills himself. But huzzah because not only is Kurt And Sid starting in September, but they have got Danny Dyer to play Sid Vicious.

One assumes the conversation will include chats on:
a) shooting up techniques
b) annoying lady friends
c) musical technique
d) Sid’s disappointment that Star Trek: The Next Generation turned out to be quite good. If he’d known that he would never have killed himself.

It all seems rather pointless when we already have this definitive telling of the Sid & Nancy story.