A hard swiss cheese, bought from Kaseswiss

We have a slice of this pale yellow cheese. It’s got a dark brown rind, and is pitted with large holes; it looks like a classic comicbook wedge of cheese.

It has a crumbly, almost bready, texture. Initially, it’s very sweet, but turns fizzy and sour after a couple of moments, with a hint of green bitterness. It tastes nutty and rich, and there are sweet fudge notes underlying the sharp sour taste. The rind’s not so interesting; I think it’s chewy and tasteless. (Sidney the dog disagrees and scoffs the scraps, but she happily eats plastic and I think her judgement is suspect.)

The huge holes are fuzzed with little crunchy white grains, and are (I’m struggling to find a polite way to say this, I’m afraid) just the right size for me to stick my tongue inside them and lick them out. I’m rewarded with bright fruity pineapple flavours.

Co-cheese-scoffers P and K both think that tangy sour lemon is the dominant flavour in this cheese. I think it’s something sweeter – apples and pineapples.