This weeks Lost Property Office is the darkest yet, as sinister doings in Shoreditch are uncovered. Infact all doings in Shoreditch have the opportunity of being sinister, but we discover the potential infamy of this weeks guest, Cecily Nowell-Smith (aka Cis of this parish). Along the way people are lost, the science of cosmetics is discussed, fossils remain lost in the hinterland of North London and we go Car Booting. If its good enough for Flog It!!! its good enough for us. Music this week comes from the magic folder, and Northern China (it is a SOAS Lost Property Office) and we discover the secret to all good historians research methodology. Could we ever have a cycling monarchy in the UK, and is that because they can’t ride a bike. All this inanity and more.

As ever available here, and on iTunes, and if you have anything to say please feel free to say so after the break. Particularly if you know more than us about the Uigar people and their music (though its got to be said, this is one of the best music selections for some time).