All good things come to an end, as do admittedly most bad things. Wherever you pitch out weekly trip to the Lost Property Office on the quality spectrum, its sad to say that this is the last episode of the season. But what an episode! Tales of air/land/sea rescue, family feuds and family secrets, Promethean tales of making fire, philosophical discussions on bits of broken pot. Its all here, with a guest who did some prep (take note – it shows!) Dani Neal. Also birthday card etiquette, the return of an old item – what kind of a person lost this – and a Korean iPod stuffed with surprises.

If you recognise any of the stuff, or indeed any of the tracks on the Korean iPod, let us know. And if you are interested in joining in on the next series let me know. You have a couple of months to amusingly lose items for the express purpose of a good annecdote!