There is a rule wherein every newspaper columnist is allowed one “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, where they can write a column about the process of writing a column. It is fantastically self serving, self indulgent, and an easy well to go to if inspiration dries up. Well in the case of podcasts there is a analogous situation, which I explore in this weeks podcast which truly shows the danger of letting me loose on a microphone without a safety net. This weeks music comes from a lost SD card, and is probably Brazilian, and on the show today’s Lost Propertier finds some food, a little bit about human anatomy pre-1940 and talks at great length about a scary trailer park in York. Dogs are discussed, as are flip-flops, the great lost cash card scams of the 1990’s and there is a moment reflection when I realise I may never, ever go into space.

Its a very special show this one so make sure you don’t miss it (or at least listen to the first three minutes to decide if you want to miss it). If you recognise the music, or want to enter the competition (YOU CAN WIN SOMETHING WITH THIS PODCAST) either e-mail, or put you details in the comments. We’d love to hear from you as ever.