This weeks Lost Property Office takes on a decidedly theatrical flavour as I invite Kerry Lambeth to do battle with the assorted umbrellas and notebooks. And in the course of our discussion we consider a Brighton Beach Memoir (Sussex not Long Island), how many copies of the Complete Works Of Shakespeare one needs, the perfect size for a woman to be to get her dream job, and the value of comedy. Music comes from the big folder of lost CD’s again, and this week even comes with a CD insert, so the connection between Kerry picking music from Kerry (and Donegal) can be made most explicit.

There is also a slightly uncomfortable moment near the end of the podcast where, undoubtedly not for the first time, Aristole and Aristophanes are mixed up and its never quite admitted to us. Well we have recorded proof of our own slip up, and it is one that I daresay Aristophanes would have appreciated for its comedic value.

As ever if you recognise any of the stuff or have anything to say, please feel free to hit the comments and claim your missing stuff.