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King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 8
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 1 Who fell to Pardiñaz in Madrid?
 2 And who fell to Bailaor in Talavera de la Reina?
 3 Who initiated the vindication of the Maid of Orleans?
 4  Which avenging monarch succumbed to plague in La Linea?
 5 Which king was assassinated with his[…]


King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 7
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 1 were we 76 for 7?
2 did the Donkey kick off northward?
3 did Gurney reward Lightborn by stabbing him?
4 does Monti’s Father Thames overlook the first lock?
5 did Simpkin confiscate the twist of cherry-coloured silk? (more…)[…]

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 6
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 1 in whose garden can we both gather nosegays? 2 where was the lofty location of Aritomo’s garden? 3 who is invited into the garden to share the musk of the rose? 4 which Garden was developed on the site of the Bishop of Ely’s town house? 5[…]

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 5
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 1 what was Best and Goes Farthest? 2 which product held the fifth Golden Ticket? 3 what did Vianne open in Lansquenet-sous-Tannes? 4 which Gammel Strand grøntsager put marzipan to good use? 5 Desperation, Pac[…]

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 4
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1 who was Ashie, the leader of Juventus?2 which Veronese nobleman was rejected by a tallow-faced baggage?3 which regicide was represented as Samuel in a Boston operatic setting?4 which diplomat received an 11-gun salute on disemba[…]

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 3
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 1 who suggested a profile of the Dorset Street murderer? 2 to whom was a Perry Mason story involving dual identity dedicated? 3 which Professor used photographic superimposition to identify remains found near the A701? 4 who concluded that the d[…]

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 2
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 1 which Aberdonian became a general in the Tsar’s army?
 2 what is the traditional site of pilgrimage in the last Sunday in July?
 3 whose father practised inoculation until it was made criminal in eighteen-forty?
 4 which very dry concoction […]


King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 1
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REASON: Welcome one and welcome all, to the FreakyTrigger wing of a KWIZZ (quiz) sat for a hundred and blimey years by Isle of Man schoolkids. (“Please return your answers to the Principal’s Office by Monday 13th January.”)
RHYME: Theme[…]

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 18
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(Well done, we made it to the end…)
During 2018:
1 Which NCO is 2nd class?
2 Whence the theft of items of the Vasa regalia?
3 Which circumnavigator has been inspired by Verne?
4 Which unique avian species has been released on Loch Fad?

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 17
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Which pupil:
1 Was originally regarded as strictly luetic?
2 Smashed open Paton’s desk and burned the contents?
3 Copied off Raddleston and wrongly translated “nobody” into “nullus corpus”?
4 When writing home, reported a 9-0 defeat by porr[…]


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