1 in whose garden can we both gather nosegays?
 2 where was the lofty location of Aritomo’s garden?
 3 who is invited into the garden to share the musk of the rose?
 4 which Garden was developed on the site of the Bishop of Ely’s town house?
 5 which town’s development was based on plans inspired by Howard and holds his grave?
 6 in whose garden did the trespasser help himself to lettuces, French beans and radishes and, despite nausea, search for parsley?
 7 where in Yorkshire did the robin assist in locating the key to the secret garden?
 8 which Irishman disputed the disappearance of the Garden of Eden?
 9 who described rose plot and fern’d grot in his garden?
10 in whose garden had the bear nothing to wear?