Which pupil:

1 Was originally regarded as strictly luetic?

2 Smashed open Paton’s desk and burned the contents?

3 Copied off Raddleston and wrongly translated “nobody” into “nullus corpus”?

4 When writing home, reported a 9-0 defeat by porridge court and requested a “bakterial gun”?

5 Was, with one exception, the vilest manufacturer of “barbarous hexameters” that King had ever dealt with?

6 Suffered a terminal failure of his “darling little heart”, following a walk with his tutor in the Bois de Boulogne?

7 During his music lesson in the organ loft, pulled out the vox humana and played Pop goes the Weasel?

8 Was small, neat, and famous for her spritely gymnastics and glamorous swimming?

9 Copied his algebra off Fletcher, reproducing four tremendous howlers?

10 Was listed after Bassenthwaite and before Beccles?