1 who was Ashie, the leader of Juventus?
2 which Veronese nobleman was rejected by a tallow-faced baggage?
3 which regicide was represented as Samuel in a Boston operatic setting?
4 which diplomat received an 11-gun salute on disembarking Nonsuch near Rügen?
5 who arrived from the continent with a cockatoo, a pair of canaries and a family of white rodents?
6 who experienced love at first sight on seeing Stiva’s married sister, when meeting his mother at the railway station?
7 who travelled as an abbé following his escape from prison and purchased an island, and with it a title?
8 who was the messenger for the Reichsführer’s clandestine peace proposal?
9 who was depicted at his interment attended by Stephen and Augustine?
10 who mimicked Hines and Ellington in adopting a noble title?