1 which Aberdonian became a general in the Tsar’s army?
 2 what is the traditional site of pilgrimage in the last Sunday in July?
 3 whose father practised inoculation until it was made criminal in eighteen-forty?
 4 which very dry concoction came from the eponymous warehouse in the Calle Divina Pastora?
 5 who received a command from Dunfermline to make a potentially dangerous North Sea crossing?
 6 who created an enduring friendship between the naval lieutenant and the man in the rusty black coat during a Locatelli recital?
 7 which reviled factor was cleared of gross inhumanity following a fatal croft fire in Strathnaver?
 8 who wrote of his travels through the Transvaal with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
 9 who established a bilingual school in Ranelagh, later moving to Rathfarnham?
10 who likened potato-gatherers to mechanised scarecrows?