1 who suggested a profile of the Dorset Street murderer?
 2 to whom was a Perry Mason story involving dual identity dedicated?
 3 which Professor used photographic superimposition to identify remains found near the A701?
 4 who concluded that the dead man found hanged below Blackfriars Bridge was the victim of foul play?
 5 whose development of genetic fingerprinting exonerated a kitchen porter and led to a life sentence for a bakery worker?
 6 whose ground-breaking test, distinguishing human blood from wood stain and sheep’s blood, led to an execution at Greifswald?

 7 which Manxman provided the first contemporary account of what is now known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy?
 8 whose astute discovery of a gall stone disproved the murderer’s boast that there was no body?
 9 whose pioneering use of DNA confirmed the identification of Little Miss Nobody?
10 who advised on a suitable body in the planning of Mincemeat?