(due to technical issues we’re swapping the two group d games round, Germany vs Serbia tomorrow hopefully)

And welcome back to Group D where the current leaders Ghana take on Australia, who’ll be looking for their first win to help them out of the group. A real contrast of styles here today…

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 24th March.

GHANA: Wulomai – “Jalelele” The Manager Says: After a comfortable victory over the Serbs, the Ghanaians know that they can secure qualification for the knockout stages with a win over Australia. But manager Ben Graham is wary of the threat posed by the Aussies, and has turned to the veterans in the squad, Wulomei, to try and keep things tight. Wulomei last represented Ghana in the 1970s, and after the death of founder member Naa Adei in 2007, the group re-recorded some of their biggest hits, including this, Jalelele. The gaffer will be hoping that their vast experience of international pop competition will be able to match whatever the Aussies throw at them.

AUSTRALIA: The Birthday Party – “Nick The Stripper” The Manager Says: After failing to return to Sydney with 3 points, the Australian press was not happy with the manager and wanted a change in strategy. Early scouting indicated that Ghana would be a tough opponent (and their lopsided victory over a very, very good Serbia team proves that point). However, we’re confident that some agressive play near the goal from striker Nick Cave and some top-notch defense from the horn section will ultimately be what lifts us past Ghana.

Group D Match 3: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • GHANA: Wulomai 60%
  • AUSTRALIA: The Birthday Party 40%

Total Voters: 63

Poll closes: 24 Mar 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis Unbelievable Jeff! Very surprised to see the Australians going for the very veteran striker up front in only their second match, but we also know that familiarity often breeds contempt in the voting public especially against such a smooth, well-drilled Ghanaian side as this (even if their manager has started referring to himself in the third person ;)). It’s a big risk, but will it pay off?

RESULT! Argentina 0, South Korea 1. Good victory here for the Koreans over a muscular and not untuneful Argentinian side and a bit of a shock for some pundits who thought this looked destined for the draw, but it’s still all to play for in this very tight group. “Korea [are] playing to their strengths here.” “I’m sure I shouldn’t like the Argentinian track as much as I do. It must be the wurlitzer quietly playing in the background?” “flawless play from the Koreans. “Flawless” doesn’t always win at this level, however, inspiration and dumb luck being crucial as well”

Coming up: Today’s delayed Germany Serbia match sees Serbia fighting to stay in the competition, can they beat the always solid Germans?