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the ethics of the multiple talking-head credit
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i. it is “100 best musicals EVAH” so — alongside cameron mackintosh and sir andrew LW and ron moody — you must obv get comment from four poofs and a piano
iii. They cannot talk all at once, e[…]

The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time No. 58 SHANGRI LAS – “Leader Of The Pack”
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Mysteries Of Pop #38715 – Who are the chorus on Leader of the Pack?
The backing vocalists on monumental deathpop masterpiece “Leader Of The Pack” are a gaggle of interested parties who first appear in the spoken-word section that op[…]

Glastonbury 2007 sez
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I guess its too late to go round Mr and Mrs Suns gaff and see if little Jimmy Sun wants to come out and play? Am watching Gypsy nonsense in puppy parlour!
— Pete, Sun 20:30
Who? Doctor The Who?
— Pete, Sun 19:40


i’ve got a PIANO and i’m goin to use it!
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ok my mum’s dad’s lovely blond schiedmaier boudoir grand arrived in my flat a little over six months ago, and my new year’s resolution was to PRACTICE RIGOROUSLY EVERY DAY and — apart […]

Brandwatch Cadbury Special: Wispa Back, Wine Gums GONE
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The news of Cadbury’s job cuts has (quite understandably!) focussed on the human cost of redundancies at the ailing chocmakers.
However there is another side of the story – one captured in the Marketing Week headline – “CADBUR[…]

The Forgotten Game
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My parents played it incessantly in my youth. They had some kind of clockwork machine to help them which fascinated me.
My in-laws also played it a lot.
My Aunt still does.
What is it? (more…)[…]


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Justice’s † album
To some ‘just noise’, to others a threat to dance music. Or something. I can’t stop listening to it.
[Amazon] [ILM thread][…]


The FreakyTrigger TOP 25 Brands: 20. APPLE RECORDS
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That’s Apple Records. Not Apple Computers. Or indeed Apple Martin-Paltrow. Both a blatant rip-off of Apple records logo etc.
So Apple Records. That is beatle band record label. Why is it so important, its only a record label. Well Apple was one[…]

Your Poptimism Podcast needs YOU!
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First of all enormous thanks to Alan for providing us with top tunes over the last year!
The Podcast will be back next week – after the new management return from a certain gathering in Somerset – so now is your chance to submit some […]

Pop Open Week 2
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Week 2 of the Pop Open brings us five tracks on the theme of MONEY.
Please DON’T spoil what the tracks are in the comments box, and if you want to join in the voting then you have only to go here (and join […]


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