catsi. it is “100 best musicals EVAH” so — alongside cameron mackintosh and sir andrew LW and ron moody — you must obv get comment from four poofs and a piano
iii. They cannot talk all at once, even in unison (unless it is in SONG as a CHORUS)
iv. they cannot all give their individual say or they will get four times the facetime of anyone else when in fact NO ONE CARES IF THEY GET 0 x the facetime;
v. solution = one of them will speak while the others (all in shot, round piano) gaze at him adoringly; by programme’s end all will have had say; credsit always simply reads “four poofs and a piano”

vi. my friend ___’s naughtier better solution: talking-head them individually, and (as no one knows their names or recognises them uncollectively) use credit “1 x poof”