The news of Cadbury’s job cuts has (quite understandably!) focussed on the human cost of redundancies at the ailing chocmakers.

However there is another side of the story – one captured in the Marketing Week headline – “CADBURY SET TO MASSACRE BRAND FAVOURITES”. This is no idle claim – MW alleges a raft of changes is planned including

OUT!! MAYNARDS – no more WINE GUMS or SPORTS MIXTURE (OK nobody will miss this)

OUT!!! TREBOR – farewell SOFT MINTS and EXTRA STRONG MINTS – no place for you in the 21st century.

OUT!!!! BASSETTS – top Doctor Who villum BERTIE BASSETT to face the CHOP.

Expect plenty of petitions! Of course it may be that it’s just the NAMES Cadbury’s is axing and the actual sweets will live on under an Umb-er-ella-ella-ella brand. Let’s wait and see – in the meantime as a SOP to public opinion Cadbury is bringing back its Wispa brand for a “limited time”. No confirmation as to whether this means Wispa Gold, much loved by several contributors to this “parish”, will make a comeback too.