ok my mum’s dad’s lovely blond schiedmaier boudoir grand arrived in my flat a little over six months ago, and my new year’s resolution was to PRACTICE RIGOROUSLY EVERY DAY and — apart from pressweeks and pre-deadline panic days — i have certainly PLAYED it every day i’ve actually been able to…

but even tho i have a rigorous practice programme DRAWN UP i have been a bit haphazard followin it — instead spending most playin time labouredly reading through the fairly large amount of piano sheetmusic i inherited from mum’s family (she was an only child with several piano-playing forebears): so six months into this thing i decided to MAKE THE PROCESS PUBLIC and institute 1xFT diary of my progress and my thoughts
abt it — THAT WILL BE FUN WON’T IT (pity my downstairs neighbour eh tho she has not complained yet)

so here in order of difficulty (IMO) are the pieces i am currently working (and here is a more detailed list of what they entail) (it’s a lot i know but i am a flibbertigibbet WOT OF IT?) and when i start i will also lay out the structure of the full practice regimen AS I IMAGINE IT (it is absurdly elaborate of course) for comment and awe derision :

i. satie gnossienne no.1
ii. bach rondeau from orchestral suite no.2 arr. e. markham lee
iii. chopin prelude in d flat
iv. the CAN CAN by jacques offenbach
v. debussy clair de lune
vi. magnetic rag by scott joplin
vii. berceuse from dolly op.56 by fauré
viii. schubert klaviersonate op42 a moll
ix. bach fugue no.1 in c
x. chopin minute waltz
xi. o polichinelo from prole do bêbê by heitor villa-lobos
xii. webern klavierstuck
xiii. berg klaviersonate op 1