I guess its too late to go round Mr and Mrs Suns gaff and see if little Jimmy Sun wants to come out and play? Am watching Gypsy nonsense in puppy parlour!
Pete, Sun 20:30

Who? Doctor The Who?
Pete, Sun 19:40

awesomewells, Sun 19:30

Ooh my feet! Mark Pompom and then Vitalic and then potential bin death. Only the calamacho can save me now!
Pete, Sun 18:15

We’re sitting having a lovely pint of real ale about 10ft from whisperin’ bob harris
Carsmile, Sun 17:15

Sweary old Dame Shirley has got this party started
triffidfarm, Sun 17:10

I have realised what glastonbury needs! A “supporters trust” so the concerns of the fans can be articulated to the management
Carsmile, Sun 12:00

Morning! Everyone shd come see DRAGONETTE, dance east 1pm, they are so cool :)
Carsmile, Sun 11:00

Dragonette @ tha Queenz ead midnite. R u alive? Good
Pete, Sat 23:50

I went to the tartiflette stall and bought another sausage. It was necessary. I feel the sausage and I have achieved closure and can move on now
awesomewells, Sat 21:30

t-shirt bingo
kat, Sat 20:55

Dance music officially dead, billy bragg being played in dance tent
Carsmile, Sat 20:45

Am finally vertical and at the Dance East Tent for the Mark Ronson after being taken out all day by a raw potato
triffidfarm, Sat 20:40

I lost my sausage :-(
awesomewells, Sat 20:20

fvck off blue bullet! Worse than dead fish :(
Carsmile, Sat 10.00

hurrah! Got to leftfield just in time to see cud doing rich & strange! Kill! Yr! Television!
Carsmile, Sat 0.00

Mummra are great for a new tent band! Going for an acoustic beer then to leftfield for nostalgia fest
Carsmile, Fri 21.30

OMG simian mobile disco = amazing live
awesomewells, Fri 20:35

It pissed down! Waterproof not so! Back to tent to dry. Ggb v good tho: tick
Pete, Fri 14:30

At Pyramint Tree to see the Soul of Winebobs – curse the rain. It dilutes your beer.
triffidfarm, Fri 14:30

Currently debate and confusion over over correct waterporoofing and randomly rainysunny weather
triffidfarm, Fri 11:00

Morning everyone! Yesterday, we drank Perry and did some bosh. This morning it is like a sauna in my tent.
triffidfarm, Fri 10:13

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